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I moved to Milan and started studying master in web & digital design.
Let’s see how it goes so far!

One of the biggest projects we worked on so far was new user interface for Milans public transport kiosks and web application.

This project took over two months to finish and included parts as research of ATM system, user flows, creating working prototypes and testing it.

In the end creating new user interface for ticket selling kiosk and ATM web application for getting informations about traveling around the city and buying tickets.

“No of course, it's impossible to do anything here. Or maybe... but I have no idea how.”

Rehor Silva

To achieve good result we chose to separate the informational texts about the tickets and supplement them with graphical user interface in order to make buying process faster.

As we have seen from interviews and surveys, the most required quality was to make the transaction as fast as possible. Because the ATM kisok are much slower than buying a ticket from a real person.


After testing the kiosk prototype, we started with the web application.

The process of designing and testing new prototype went all over again and gave us interetesting result.

In the end the structure become much simpler because we managed to compile few different function into only one of them.

For example buying a zone ticket a buying a ticket from the map (directions).

Interactive prototype on inVision.com

Few other projects we did at SPD